About Fathom 4

shallowFathom 4 is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) formed in Charleston, South Carolina in early 2012.  Fathom 4 is a DoD Engineering Services company, being carefully crafted by a former active duty US Marine and a former US Navy Officer into the kind of place where they have always wanted to work.

Fathom 4 Key Values:  Patriotism; Dedication; Professional execution; Delighted customers; Motivated employees; Effective solutions; Realistic cost.

Definition:  Fathom (verb)

1. To deeply understand after much thought

2. To get to the bottom of an issue or problem

We strive to truly understand the full depth of all projects–not just skim their surface. Well informed decisions and process improvements can be made only after completely understanding how a C4ISR system or project works. This principle applies to both management and leadership challenges, as well as the purely technical aspects of any project.

Definition:  The 4-Fathom Curve

For centuries, the prudent mariner has followed the 4-Fathom Curve while navigating along a coast. A fathom is equal to six feet of depth. The 4 Fathom Curve represents the safest yet most efficient course leading to the desired destination.

The 4 Fathom Curve aligns with Fathom 4′s leadership and project management style. We follow a sound yet direct course, designed to achieve the best possible outcome for our customers’ budget and schedule.