Fathom 4 Strategic Execution Framework

Purpose: We help enable those who stand in harm’s way protecting our freedom and defending the Constitution. 

Identity: We identify as an indispensable – engineering – services company focused on employees’ quality of life and quality of work for our warfighters.  We don’t compete with other companies, we just strive to do things “better than they have ever been done before.”

Long Range Intention: To be the most efficient, competent, ethical, and responsive DoD Engineering Services small business to work with and for in the Unites States of America.


  1. Developing a standard of highly ethical behavior.
  2. Ensuring we have pride in our work’s purpose.
  3. Making this organization feel like a family where all of us consciously take time to help each other out.
  4. While employing your inherent strengths, strive to become a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in your field.
  5. Building a factory of disciplined leaders and forward thinkers.
  6. Minimizing bureaucracy as much as possible.

Structure: We have client facing and back office groups that focus on making the back office component easier on the client-facing aspect of project execution (not the other way around). The client facing group is a ‘strong matrix’, where PMs are the primary decision authority.

Goals: Customer satisfaction and quality of life for employees (for the owners, filling ranks with indispensable teammates)

Metrics: Drive behavior and must be aligned. We will measure customer satisfaction and workforce happiness by feel, through surveys, and frequent frank conversations.

Strategy: Take all the aspects of our intangibles from above and develop niche capabilities of which we can be world class. We don’t want to be a mile wide and an inch deep, rather an inch wide and a mile deep. We take our ideation, nature, and vision and create our portfolios. Then begin executing real work.

Portfolios: We have 2 main portfolios – Mobile C4I and IT. This is where we choose to dedicate our resources and energy. We will make very careful and calculated decisions on growing a new portfolio when the opportunity presents itself.

Programs: Programs are a collection of task orders with a common relationship path. They are intended to live on and grow. Since we win work with deep relationships with people and not specific platforms, we align our programs with client groups. For example, the Mobile C4I portfolio has 5 programs: USMC, USN, USA, USAF, and USSOCOM. The IT portfolio has 2 programs: FNMOC and SSC-LANT.

Task Orders: Opposite a program, a task order has a finite start and end point. This layer entails executing and managing complex DoD engineering level task orders with consistent excellence (called ‘projects’ to most, but specific to us, we refer to them as task orders). We want to ensure we are remaining fast and flexible for our warfighters while staying within the confines of task order’s scope and funding. This aspect also gauges where the task order is currently and where it’s going in the future.

Operations: Where the real work is done and people’s actions are carried out. Everyone’s job aligns with this framework in some way and helps eliminate the guess work in their daily decision making. We want to ensure everyone knows the company’s framework all the way from the Purpose to here.